Sunday, April 09, 2006


working on a project with some gals locally and were using any fiber, any color, any gauge, novelty really any type of yarns at all for it.. If you have any unwants, throw aways stuff you'll never use or just don't want.. contact me we'll be happy to use them.. most need about enough to cast on 150-170 of anything and it just keeps getting passed around until it can be an item to be auctioned or donated. Most likely to nursing homes or something like that

Let me know what you'd like for your scraps, paritals or whatever.

Thank you



Martita said...

I'll look through my stuff--I'm sure I have some yarn I can give you. I can think of a couple of balls of brown chenilley novelty yarn right off the bat.

Jenifer said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for the nice comment on the tee. :) I'd be in for some donations ... just let me know the info, and I'll send some stuff your way! (

:L, Laura said...

need addy. just got a box of stuff i don't want. i can stuff a flat rate box for you. this is someone else's left overs, so not necessarily the nicest. i can put in wee bits of novelty pretties if you want in separate bag. i hate to see them go to waste.