Thursday, April 20, 2006

RIP! Lime Light help

Will I was working on a GG for gift in the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Lime Light. The sleeves are off.I got my gauge without any issues. I brought the top over to my cousin that I'm knitting it for her birthday present. She loves the color and the design but the sad part is, it's 2 sizes to small. This pattern is written well but the sizes are so much smaller then then stated.....I measured her and She's definately, a XS for sure, she's flat........Anyway two sizes 2 small! This size will fit my 6 y/o....YIKES! I'm greatly disappointed that since I'm an average body & waist but HUGE breasts. I would have to actually rewrite the entire pattern to make myself one... I'd need like a size 48-50! I guess I'd have to knit myself a tent..... Anyway, my cousin's who I'm working on this for the 34 I now have to rip it all out and try to find more lime light CF because I have to go up I'm short 1 1/2 sks.. Any chance anyone has any? Seconds will be fine with me Color CW-840 Dyelot 012 would be great but not neccesary. Pretty Please! I need to finish before the last week of May for her birthday....


Carolyn said...

Nightmare! I swear there's something off with the sizing of this pattern.

This seller on eBay has some in Lime Light

laura said...

so where did you find this badly gauged pattern?

anyway, idea for you: consider striping or adding a garter row. ez would use a purl ridge to mask a color change if necessary. goodluck!


Pam said...

Sorry to hear about your ripping! I hope it works out for you! The color is beautiful.

Silvia said...

I put a comment on the GG KAL site, but I have about 3 skeins of frogged Lime light that I was going to use for this. It sounds like I'm going to need more, thought, and if that's the case, I'm going to get a different color (I have 4 skeins of CF in 2 other colors) and you are welcome to the Lime light. I don't know the dye lot, and it's definitely been knit with (although the ufo was never used). YOu can see it on (the April 7 posting). If a 34 will need more than 3 skeins, let me know if you want it.

rachel said...

I saw your comment on the ggKAL and wanted to see if I could help out the issues you are having with the pattern. The sizing should not be off so much. If anything the ones knitted have been more roomy than anything, Which is the way the pattern was written, to have room.

I knit the size 34 again (to see another great example of a 34 go to and it turned out great for me. I usually wear a small and this fits great. My friend knit the 32 and she is a true XS and had great results as well.

The size in the pattern that is pictured is a size 34 and is far from fitting a 6 year old. Please feel free to contact us directly. I want you to have a Green Gable that you love.

As far as the neck line goes. The pattern was not written incorrectly. You are to do as it says: cast on... purl a row (wrong side) then start knitting in the round with the right side facing out.

Again, please contact us if you are still having problems. I emailed Carrie again because I accidently said to knit a row when I meant to say cast on in that email she posted of mine on the ggkal.

Thanks so much for your interest in GG! Your color you picked is so great!!


I'm sorry I can't help you this time, but I've enjoyed looking at the KAL that you linked to. It looks like a gorgeous pattern, I hope you are able to finish it soon.